Roof Restoration Specialists

Metal Roof Restoration

Restore Your Metal Roof for a Fraction of the Cost of Re-Roofing!



Our Metal Roof Restoration Services Include:

  • Complete Metal Roof Restoration Systems

  • Seamless Warrantied Restoration Systems

  • Metal Roof “Tune-Up” Maintenance and Leak Prevention   NEW INDUSTRY SERVICE!

  • Drainage Routing for Proper Roof Draining

  • Protective Roof Coatings to Extend the Life of Your Roof


Benefits of Our Metal Roof Restoration System

Only a  Fraction of the Cost of Re-Roofing!

Often less than HALF THE COST!

Fully Seamless System!

No More Seams = No More Leaks!

100% Tax Deductible the 1st Year!

Re-roofing must be expensed over decades!  Generally 25-39 Years!

Save Energy Costs!

Up to 50% Savings on Cooling Costs!

Renewable Warranties Available!

We Offer a Variety of Warranties!

Business Operations Uninterrupted!

Business Operations can continue uninterrupted as we Restore your roof!

No Landfill Waste!

No costly and environmentally harmful waste to dispose of!

Energy Star Rated!

Our Systems Are Energy Star Rated!



 See How We Restored This Leaking Rusted Roof


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Metal Roofs Leak for a variety of reasons:


Even New Metal Roofs have Weak Points for Water to Penetrate through like Seams every 3 feet continuously.  We Seal all Seams on Your Roof and Eliminate these Weak Points. Our Restoration Systems Make Your Roof Seamless and Monolithic, Fully Reinforcing and Sealing Your Roof from Potential Water Penetration.


Most Roof Flashing offers opportunity for water penetration.  We Seal all Flashing with fully adhered material that leaves no opportunity for water penetration.


Fasteners loosen over time due to thermal shock.  After replacing loose fasteners we fully seal them with a coating that greatly reduces thermal shock and prevents water from accessing the fastener hole.

Poor Repairs:

We address any existing roof repairs to ensure they will not be a problem in the future prior to coating.


Our Prep process involves removing rust and sealing the roof with rust inhibitive primer to avoid future rust issues.

Thermal Shock:

Thermal Shock occurs when the sun heats up the roof surface and expands the roof.  Then a rain instantly cools the roof and causes it to quickly contract.  This movement is responsible for leaking fasteners and seams and flashing.  We Greatly reduce thermal shock with a roof coating that stabilizes roof temperatures in the mid-day sun.

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