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Roof Tune-Up Program

We are very excited to offer our exclusive Roof Tune-Up Program


What is it?

The Roof Tune-Up Program addresses visible damage on your roof to both repair the damage and protect your roof from future leaks.  This is an economic alternative to a complete roof restoration.

How it works…

1. First we assess your roof and identify your leaks (if any). We then document weak or weathered areas that are soon to leak or fail that should be Tuned-Up to prevent future leaks.  

2. Next we show you the areas that we would recommend tuning up to repair and protect your most vulnerable and weathered points on your roof. This will often times be weathered seams that only have one more season left before failure or flashing in a similar condition.

3. Finally we offer you one of our Tune Up Solutions that will protect those areas from failing and offer you 5-20 more years of protection instead of the inevitable failure that will occur if left exposed to the elements.


This Service is available on Rubber Roofs, Metal Roofs and all Flat Roofs and is a great value to hold you over until you are ready to do a complete roof restoration.



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